Apr. 25th, 2009

ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (Default)
I finally got the first part of my cross-stitch project done. Now I can consider the second part as well as adding a beading needle to my project box for it. My thread needles have too big of an eye for the beads I want to use. That's okay, though, since I'm leaving the beads until later anyway.

More stitches behind the cut.... )
For anyone who is curious, this is Castles In The Air from www.papillon-creations.com.  18ct Antique White Aida. I plan to shunt one of these pics off to their website to add to the gallery (hope I make it!).


Apr. 25th, 2009 07:34 pm
ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (Default)
Goodnight, Bea Arthur. If only we had more strong, atypical women like you in our world to take up where you've left off.
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