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Delusions of Mediocrity

I swear I'm not interesting!

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Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I'm a 40 year old bisexual woman living with two cats and my mother. I'm 5'9", pale enough that I turn into a lobster in the sun, with hazely grey-green-brown eyes and black-brown hair liberally streaked with natural silver. Natural? Yes. Been going silver since I was fifteen. I usually turn it to some shade of red. :>

My sun sign is Virgo, my moon sign is Virgo, I'm a Snake in both Chinese and Japanese astrology, so I'm essentially partially baked clay. ;) (Earth + Earth + Fire) It sort of explains my near-rabid neatness and demand for perfect detail. If it's not working right, it's probably either not on my website, or I was really tired and got sloppy. I'm a pagan with no claim to any particular path. I love animals both real and mythical. I have an anime obsession, not as great as some, but enough for me. I let that out in the grand variety of wallpaper images I have.

If you knew me at some point, more power to you, I'd love to hear from you again. If you know me now, don't be a stranger. :)

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80s cartoons, ah! my goddess, alternative, anberlin, ancient religions, angel, angels, anime, anita blake, art, art deco, art nouveau, asian food, babylon5, baking, bisexual, bleach, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoon dolls, cartoons, cats, celtic music, chobits, chocolate, comedy, comic books, computer games, computer graphics, computers, cowboy bebop, cuddling, dancing, design, dollfie, dolling, dolls, dollz, dragons, drawing, dreams, elves, erotica, evanescence, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fantasy, fantasy art, farscape, fashion, fashion design, final fantasy, friends, furry, games, gaming, garbage, garoumush, ghost in the shell, graphic art, graphic novels, graphics, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, herbal medicine, hermaphrodites, hermione granger, hotography, html, hugs, humor, iron chef, japan, joss whedon, k's choice, kisekae, kissing, love, magic, manga, maroon 5, marvel comics, masterplan, monty python, muppets, music, mythology, naruto, neil gaiman, nightwish, ninjas, omg werewolves!!!, online comics, ooc lounge quotes, pagan, paganism, paint shop pro, painting, photoshop, pixel art, pixel dolls, polygamy, princess mononoke, pro-choice, radiohead, reading, red dwarf, renaissance, robots, rock, roleplaying, roleplaying games, ron weasley, ronin warriors, rpg, rpgs, sailor moon, sarcasm, savage garden, sci-fi, shinies, shirow masamune, singing, sparklies, spirited away, star trek, star wars, studio ghibli, tattoos, the matrix, the simpsons, the sims, the sims 2, there-is-no-ts-on-garoumush, tori amos, toys, trigun, urusei yatsura, utena, video games, web design, webcomics, webdesign, websites, white wolf studios, witch hunter robin, within temptation, world of darkness, x-men, x-universe
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