Mar. 17th, 2009

ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (perservere)
If you see me online after tonight (mainly anytime during the day Wednesday and Thursday) be aware that I may not be a happy shiny camper.

I've got two Target stores in a row tonight and Wednesday night. Both of them are 2+ hours away; one in Colonial Heights, VA, the next in Chester, VA. I only have to drive for one of them (tonight) but I'm looking at not getting home before 4am at either one. (Even later if I get stuck pulling tags in the store again like the last one I whined about. Then I might be home by 6 or 7am.)

Just wanted to warn folks now so it's not a surprise if I'm short and snippy.

ETA: Did not have to drive after all. Was out of store by 2:50am. Van stopped for folks to get drinkies/snackies around 3:15am, got back to office by 5:20am. I got home a teensy bit before 6am due to fog on the roads. I am le tired. Time to sleep so I can repeat this swell affair later tonight (gah, it's Thursday now).
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