Feb. 11th, 2009

ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (Default)
Get laundry from dryer, pack suitcase.
through craft things in handy tote, make sure all supplies for makeshift doll chairs are in place.
Clean out one of my foldable baskets for doll carrying.
Get tablet pc backpack ready to roll. Add last-minute power strip.
Unhook the -right- external hard drive with the music storage.
Find someplace to tuck the drive. :P
Pack the car. (Except for dolls. Not leaving them in the car all night.)
Pass out on face, get up at 8-9 to be functional.
Go to bank, get cash in small bills.
Go to car wash, clean last of crap out of the back of the car.
Get lunch, hit the road.
ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (fma winry squee)
... into the wild con yonder!

Be back a the computer by Monday, at least. :)

Don't burn down the farm while I'm gone, please?
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