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I know I don't write about my music tastes very often. Most of the time I just listen to my gathered bits and occasionally link in a song through my music tags on LJ.

However, today, I'm just very, very sad. For my entire life I have, in some way, listened to the local public radio station WETA. Its bounty of programming has been a constant part of my life since I was a little girl. One of my favored shows was on Saturday nights and lasted four hours. This show was 'Traditions' and was hosted by a wonderful lady by name of Mary Cliff. This show had, up until this year, been running for 35 years.

This is a little description of the show as was available on WETA FM's website:

Traditions, [Mary's] four-hour Saturday night folk music program, is known for its breadth: a mix of traditional, revival, singer-songwriter, ethnic, world and kitchen music, with a strong emphasis on artists and performances in the greater Washington area.

Now, as of today, that show is no more. Due to buy-outs by one Dan Snyder (owner of the Washington Redskins), one of WETA's partner stations (WGMS) is switching to an all-rock format. WETA is subsequently switching to strictly 24-7 classical music. While not a bad thing, they have also dropped, in the past few years, all of their imported British radio programming, will be dropping Prairie Home Companion, and have now dropped Traditions. It's shocking. Mary was asked to collect her things and leave WETA FM Radio this Friday. Saturday night will be the last broadcast of her show. 35 years and that phase is over.

There has been a tremendous call for protests, letter-writing, and suggestions to other area stations to pick up her program. I really hope that they are successful. I feel incompetent in writing a coherent letter myself but I cam keeping tabs on it. Anyone else interested in the discussion can check out the following link:

Mary Cliff 'Traditions' dropped from WETA FM
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