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Debating backing up my characters on GarouMUSH and wandering off. I haven't been there consistently for months due to work sapping all of my creative juices for roleplay. I sorta ended up dropped from some story stuff (fairly, i wasn't around) and feel way too lost to catch up.

I'll give it the weekend, at least. I'd need to figure out things with certain linked characters before I'd up and leave.

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Date: 2009-09-04 01:54 pm (UTC)
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Seriously, though. How often have you seen me on these days? Every time I log on I feel bad that I just don't have the creative energy to give any of my characters 'life'.

I probably wouldn't send Aimee away from St. Claire, just let her be a local NPC Or such. She's probably quite happy being a quiet part of the city's tech boom and getting along fine. Would otherwise leave her with plenty of time for Kevin.

Masao... her I just don't know about. I love her as a character. For crying out loud I have a doll that I named for her. :P She's harder to figure out what to do with. I feel lost pack-wise (I tried to tell Jacob's player that Masao would look for him in a page but got no response.) and plot-wise (I didn't even know more stuff was done with Hanford past the first scoutings despite saying to let me know of stuff and I'd try to be on.).

I don't know half the new players/characters that have come on in the past year. I mean... some of this might change if some job stuff looks up but I can't promise anything. :/

I'll still think about it over the weekend.
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