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In the early hours of this morning, sometime between 3AM and 8AM, my grandmother passed away. The previous day had not been pleasant but it was the only bad day. I was here for most of the night and had helped with keeping her settled, getting her back in bed the few times she fell out, etc.

It's an experience I won't forget. I got to put my hands on my grandmother and help her into bed before she passed so I have the memory of that last contact.

I'm alternating, right now, in my ability to deal with all of this. Some moments are good, others are bad. Right now is bad because my aunt and my father are talking to the funeral people and the hospice nurse. I can't bring myself to listen through that.

Somehow... I never expected to be one of the people to find her when she passed. It's terrribly difficult to reconcile mental images scant hours apart. Time will help, but I'm a bit raw right now.
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