ginkage: Cropped head shot from a Mucha painting. (srsly)
The Doctor: Davros, for the last time, consider what you are doing. Stop the development of the Daleks!
Davros: Impossible! It is beyond my control. The workshops are already fully automated to produce the Dalek machines.
The Doctor: It's not the machines. It's the minds of the creatures inside them! Minds that you created. They are totally evil!
Davros: Evil?!? No! No, I will not accept that. They are conditioned simply to survive. They can survive only by becoming the dominant species. When all other life forms are suppressed. When the Daleks are the supreme rulers of the universe. Then, you will have peace. Wars will end. They are the power not of evil, but of good.

(Kudos to whoever can name the episode and which of the ten Doctors this is.)
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