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I know I don't write much in here these days. I keep forgetting I have it but I do stop by and read from time to time.

Still working at the theater. It's a plod, but it's work.

Still in school. Have 33 weeks or so before I'm done and can get certified and get better work. Some classes are easy, others kick my butt. Plugging along.

Still doing jewelry... but have no orders. I made some lovely pendants lately (available on Etsy) but I get more 'likes' or 'faves' when I've posted it in my various portfolios than I do orders. I keep renewing the offerings in my shop but all I've sold recently is one slave bracelet.

Money's tight. Not going to joke on that. We had to pay extra this morning to get our water turned back on when we paid the bill. I'm taking a weekend to visit my mother but all I can afford out of our plans is putting gas in my car for the trip. I'll probably bring business cards with me in a little baggie and wear my jewelry but there's no guarantee I'll get any nibbles there. I fail horribly at knowing how to promote my work and, right now, I refuse to pay $7 just to plug my stuff on Etsy for $24 hours (or $5 a week to promote it longer).

Still available for commissions of any kind. I can only be so flexible in my fees, but I still think I'm midway between cheap and expensive.

I'm generally frustrated and in a funk, but I keep on chugging along.
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