May. 13th, 2010 03:33 pm
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Car: Fuel filter replaced, that was the cheap part. Not-so-cheap part: Throttle position sensor. $217 or so that I don't have, plus labor. Car is staying at the garage until I call them and tell them that I have money so they can order the part. This will be next week at least.

Job: No clue. Have not gotten any word from Rosetta Stone since their last email telling me that I was well-received in round one of the hiring process. Am waiting for the next step going on roughly a week and a half into the two to three weeks I was quoted.

Money: I'm broke. Can't afford going to Marcon under my own power. Would very much like for fate to drop a lottery winning in my lap right now but that's not happening. More going on there than I feel like talking about right now.

Mental state: Conflicted, depressed, generally a bundle of random weepies. Open at your own risk.
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