I give up.

Nov. 2nd, 2009 04:14 pm
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Today is officially fired.

My car is in Culpeper. I'm at home in Waynesboro. I'm mad, feeling stupid, and generally not in a good place.

Got pulled over on the way home. My inspection had expired. How often do I look at the sticker? Not as often as I should. It expired in August. Did my usual garage see this when I asked them to check my roadworthiness before going to Ohio in September? No. Did they see it afterwards at any point? No. That's a mild annoyance that has lead to the real kicker.

My license is suspended. I'm not sure when it became such (as it was all well and find at the end of May after MarCon) but it is now. Apparently a bit I thought had been handled back in May regarding my old car being off the road was not handled.

The state trooper took my license.

It's going to take an SR-22 and $585 for me to get legal again. That's $585 I really don't have. Really. Not even on my credit card right now. My dearest Megan picked up the car for me from where I was forced to pull over and wait. She's going to take her to get inspected for me with funds from Dad. Dad picked me up to come home. I have to call Progressive in a bit to set in motion getting an SR-22 filed. And figure out where the money is going to come from.

When it rains, it pours.

Today is fired.
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