Nov. 3rd, 2009

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I've been working over the past half hour to figure out what exactly to say in this post. It hurts like hell to realize that someone you consider a close friend slipped away and you never knew. I should get to the point on this before I ramble.

Kevin's gone. Kevin Eaches. [ profile] feinan, Feinan/Rusty/Hank(any others?) on GarouMUSH, writer of stories for Fenspace of a character known as The Jason. He passed away in April at home. Last was known on GarouMUSH, at least, he was going in for hernia surgery.

I hadn't heard from him since March. I'd worried majorly when he didn't show at MarCon. I sent him a few emails to try and get through.

Little did I know.

This is the only way I really know of to let folks on my flist who knew him of this. I've checked the dates and some of his employment info that was given in his obit. (HERE) It really is him.

My heart hurts. A sweet, gentle man with an imagination that, literally, knew no bounds. The flights of fantasy and science-fiction that he shared with me were beyond description. As a roleplayer, he was a great packmate to one of my older GarouMUSH characters. He introduced me to another circle of friends that, in turn, led me to my 'sisters'. He was quick with a hug, a smile, a laugh.

I'm horribly sorry that I didn't know sooner. I would have dropped everything for the funeral. I mourn him now as best I can.

I love you, Kevin, and I hope your soul is flying high now.
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