Feb. 17th, 2009

ginkage: Image of Kankuro from Naruto captioned with 'Fuck no.' (fuck no)
Hypocrisy. I love it. No, really.

Person I'm less than fond of in the pixel doll community has stated to me and others that she doesn't like the pixel doll community. She doesn't really 'doll' anymore and she hates the drama. She says it isn't her thing and she doesn't want to be involved with it.

Then she makes dolls. Pixel art. She even joined a *gasp* popular pixel doll CONTEST. For fuck's sake! If you don't like the crap, don't involve yourself in it and stick to that. It only makes you look stuck up to say that and then enter shit like this.

Yeah, this is one person whose attitude I can't drop because every time she pops up with something it's like she's trying to rub everyone's nose in the dirt.

(I'm also in a bad mood because work is dicking me around.)
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